Rockstar Announces Official Release Date Trailer For GTA VI

After almost ten years of anticipation, parades of fake release dates, and YouTubers with their very own GTA 6 copies,…

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Posted: December 1, 2023

After almost ten years of anticipation, parades of fake release dates, and YouTubers with their very own GTA 6 copies, the idea of the next game in the franchise after GTA 5 almost became a myth. It is a joke to be told amongst friends when moving to the big phases of their lives. However, that big stage has finally arrived!

Trailer Launch: December 5

Rockstar Games announces that the GTA 6 trailer shall officially drop on December 5, exactly four days from today! Gamers all around the world will join the same boat once again to relive the excitement.

a fan-made gta VI poster with a purple background

The spark that was felt when we all first saw the reveal for the GTA 5 trailer way back in 2013 was phenomenal. Whether you were a previous enjoyer of classics such as GTA: Vice City or a budding child with toes curled at that electric sensation that was the insane graphics at the time.

Wherever you were in life, the release of GTA 5 truly cemented in nostalgia. But no more, for once again, we shall relive this moment in the form of an even more highly anticipated game, ten years in the making.

Track Record: What we can potentially expect.

Rockstar games are globally famous for the heavy-hitting games they have produced in the past. Red Dead Redemption 2, most notably, was eight years in production and has been one of the best-received and critically acclaimed games of all time, with a massive open world and an astonishing level of detail that had players discovering subtle bits years after release.

With the standard set by such a precedent, a game such as GTA 6 with an even longer production time has a lot of high hopes riding. Will such a game potentially revolutionize and set the next age for gaming? Or will it potentially fail to live up to the massive expectations of players around the world? Whatever the answer, our first glimpse awaits us on December 5, 2023.

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