Screenbound: “A Game About Being Distracted, But Totally In Control”

Screenbound is an upcoming game where players can simultaneously control both 2D and 3D characters while traversing its beautiful world.

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Posted: March 31, 2024

Indie game developer Crescent Moon Games recently announced their upcoming title, Screenbound. This game will allow players to control a 2D and 3D world simultaneously, making it the first of its kind.

The developers’ videos on social media platforms show how the game will work. According to these videos, players will control a character playing a 2D game on a game-boy like console (referred to as Qboy on the game’s Steam page), and whatever he does in the 2D world will happen in the 3D world.

In the video, the player can be seen fighting with some monsters in the 2D world, and whenever he defeats these monsters in the 2D world, their loot is dropped in the 3D world. Players will have 3 lives, and the game will feature a checkpoint system so that players don’t lose all their progress if they die and the whole level will reset after the players have used up all three lives.

“Enter the unique world of Screenbound, where your Quantum boy (Qboy)
transports you into a weird dual dimensional space that occupies 5D = 3d + 2d.

The video features mostly gameplay but does reveal minor tidbits about the story and where the series seems to be heading. The game will also feature a Mario maker type level editor where players can create the world in 2D. The game will automatically generate an environment similar to the 3D world. According to the game’s Steam page, the game will also support the Xbox controller.

Crescent Moon Games hasn’t revealed the game launch date yet, but it is pretty clear that the developers are trying to make fun of people who are always glued to their devices.

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