Without these people, our dream for a self sufficient blog could never have been completed.
Thank you, Team.
Ahmed Ayan Arsalan
Co-Founder Estrakt
I believe that "to know" is the most powerful thing a person can do. That's why I created this blog so that you all can become Mike Tysons and Bruce Lees.
Bilal Faridi
Co-Founder Estrakt
Just a random boy who is passionate about Tech and Gaming. That's why I started Estrakt.
Jefferey Bazooka
Chief Editorial Officer
Understanding the gaming industry and its implications, I oversee multiple writers and current trends to drive Estrakt toward a more prosperous future.
Blog Writer - Estrakt
Considering I’m a writer, I should know what to put here. But I don't, so there's that.
Muhammad Mujtaba
Blog Writer - Estrakt
A lousy 17-year-old suffering from a crippling football addiction that wanted to do something productive. Seems like Estrakt was the answer.
Roshaan Zohaib
Blog Writer - Estrakt
Hi, I am a techie. Let's dive into the ever-growing world of technology. I shall take you on a journey filled with knowledge about the digital world and tech.
Blog Writer - Estrakt
Awais Irfan
Blog Writer - Estrakt
A boy passionate about gaming. I want to share my passion with others.
Tayyib Rizwan
Blog Writer - Estrakt

Estrakts very own geek known for memorizing the first 300 numbers of pi. If he knows that much, he definitely knows tech.

Bro once said," "The pen is my wand, and Estrakt is where I do my magic."

Aayan Ali Khan
Blog Writer - Estrakt
Da movies.