Is EA FC 24 Enroute To Become The Worst FIFA Ever?

With a completely new identity, it seems EA FC 24 will not be able to mimic the legacy of FIFA that they had built.

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Posted: March 22, 2024

With a completely new identity, will EA FC 24 be able to mimic the legacy of FIFA they had built?

EA FC 24

Football games have been a part of every football fan’s childhood at some point. EA FC 24 has replaced the household name FIFA in the branding. The name change came with a significant weight on EA’s shoulders as they had let go of the most iconic name in the sports gaming industry. Expectations were high as EA had a point to prove, and they promised to deliver when the time would come. It was now or never for the industry giant!


According to, EA FC 24 had about 1 million more users in the first week than FIFA 23, with 11+ million and 10.3 million, respectively. This indicates that the rebranding fueled the hype for a new football game by EA rather than having a harmful effect. Even with all the expectations, EA unfortunately failed to deliver.


As of 2024, EA FC has the worst gameplay of any football game released by EA, as agreed by the community. As of February 6th, 2024, EA FC has a 12% positive user rating on Metacritic, a 6% decrease from its predecessor. Some reviews stated,

Terrible, it’s sad how they destroy a great game like FIFA 23. The defense players AI is awful. This is my last game of the franchise.” another said,This game is broken, everything from gameplay, glitches in the menus, which renders Ultimate Team rewards unusable, that haven’t been fixed even though there have been several updates. FIFA 23 was bad, this is worse. Never had a FIFA game had me say “This is the last FIFA I’ll ever buy” FC 24 did.

Major gameplay problems include non-cooperative AI and a clogged midfield that goes against any football game’s core principles. The AI seems to swarm the player with the ball and paired with the lousy server delay; it seems almost impossible to play out of pressure. The attacking AI does not help the cause, as the player is given limited passing options. The finishing is the most inconsistent it has ever been in any EA football game, with players missing clear-cut chances, which seem almost impossible to ignore. EA has a constant server problem. When a new promotion is released, the servers seem unable to handle the heavy traffic, affecting the gameplay massively.

inception, a prominent FIFA YouTuber, has always been vocal about the problems in FIFA shows an example of the problem with AI

The determined football game fans are enraged but confused as EA has chosen to go backward. Instead of improving on a formula, EA has decided to remodel it, which has proven to be the wrong decision.


EA has leaned increasingly towards releasing expensive store packs these past few years. The most costly pack is 4000 FC points. This amounts to almost more than the cost of the game on sale. These packs have led to EA having a “cash grabber” image among the community. Also, it cemented EA FC 24 as the “most pay-to-win” football game. This constant pumping of store packs has discouraged casual free-to-play players. This year, EA has been the most remote from fans ever. With them turning an eye on the current situation, there is no doubt FIFA is the worst state it has ever been.

Credit where credit is due, EA has been creative with their promotion releases. The content has been consistent, and new objectives have kept the game fresh. EA is on the direction with content updates alone but weekly promotions alone cannot save a lackluster and repetitive game.

Will EA win over the fans with a series of good updates, or will it go down as EA’s worst football game?

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