The Leaked Soundtrack For Black Ops 6 Zombies Is Mesmerizing

Information about COD Black Ops 6 has been leaked by uwuleaker99, The leaks include Zombies theme music and the name of some maps.

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Posted: October 5, 2023

Amid the hype for the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III, renowned leaker uwuleaker99 has leaked some information about Black Ops 6 Zombies. The leaked information includes the Zombies Theme music and the names of some maps in COD 2024.

Supposedly, these are the names of the zombie maps for COD 2024; we conclude this by ZM and t10. ZM, abbreviation for Zombies and t10, refers to Treyarch’s tenth game, COD 2024, most probably Black Ops 6.

The tweet references a ‘tentacle trap‘ and a ‘vermin‘ jump scare. While encountering a giant rat on the battlefield is not out of the question, the term ‘tentacle trap’ suggests a more otherworldly aspect. Consequently, this has sparked speculation among many that Black Ops 6 might include a Zombies mode right from the start.

Alongside this information, the theme music for Zombies was also leaked by uwuleaker99The music in this composition blends elements from the Black Ops 2 zombies theme with a heightened sense of ambiance and an added layer of eerie, unsettling tones.

The leaks should be taken with a grain of salt as the information is limited.

COD Black Ops 6 Story:

The Black Ops series started as an off-shoot of COD’s modern games. From the beginning, it included major historical events, jumping into documented events and spinning them into a vast web of conspiracies and false flag operations.

Black Ops 6

We have yet to have any confirmation about the likely continuation of the series’ story from Activision itself, but a leak in July 2022 made for some interesting revelations. Some files were found in the closed alpha test files of Warzone Mobile and were posted to Twitter (but were swiftly struck down for copyright infringement). They showed a couple of images for Black Ops 6. 

There was one particular image that had a significant detail. It showed a Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber parked inside a hangar. This aircraft was most prominently used in the Gulf War, so the game would likely be set in that era.

As the Gulf War took place after the Cold War, it would make sense for the series to advance in time.

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