Sony Should Do More First Day Releases On PS Plus

With the increasing popularity of services like Ps Plus, Sony should bank on more first-day releases to have more of an impact on its market.

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Posted: October 2, 2023

PlayStation Plus has been a foundation of Sony’s gaming ecosystem, offering subscribers many benefits, including online multiplayer access, exclusive discounts, and a massive selection of various games each month. While the service has been met with widespread acclaim, Sony could further enhance its value proposition by increasing the number of first-day releases on PS Plus.

Sony Should Do More First Day Releases On PS+

PlayStation Plus

Sony has been having issues with first-day releases for a while. Some examples of this would be games such as “Bloodborne.” This action RPG from FromSoftware was added to PlayStation Plus in March 2018, more than two years after its initial release.

Sony Should Do More First Day Releases On PS+


“Final Fantasy VII Remake” – While not the full game, a free PlayStation Plus version of the classic RPG was made available to subscribers in March 2021, about 10 months after its release.

Sony Should Do More First Day Releases On PS+

Final Fantasy VII

“Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” – This popular action-adventure title from Naughty Dog was included in PlayStation Plus in April 2020, approximately four years after its release.

Hello, Xbox?

Comparing this to GamePass, Xbox mainly releases its games on the first day, attracting players and increasing its popularity. Exclusivity is a powerful tool. Xbox GamePass is continuously improving its offerings to attract gamers. PS Plus Should also start doing this, and there are many reasons.

Sony Should Do More First Day Releases On PS+

Xbox Game Pass vs. PlayStation Plus

In the world of gaming, Sony’s competitors, such as by bolstering its PS Plus lineup with more first-day releases, Sony can maintain a competitive edge and retain its existing user base while enticing new players to join the PlayStation ecosystem.

Better variety.

First-day releases on PS Plus can introduce players to new and exciting titles they might not have considered otherwise. Many gamers stick to their comfort zones, opting for well-established franchises or genres they’re familiar with. 

Sony Should Do More First Day Releases On PS+

With multiple game characters together by including more day-one releases, Sony could encourage players to venture outside their comfort zones and discover hidden gems they might have overlooked.

More money?

Sony could also use first-day releases as an incentive to attract more subscribers to PS Plus. Offering highly anticipated games on the same day could sway gamers who are on the fence about subscribing. This influx of new subscribers could translate into increased revenue for Sony, allowing them to invest more in game development and infrastructure. Which is good because money moves, money moves, money moves!

Indie Games

First-day releases on PS Plus could also be a boon for indie game developers. Sony has a history of supporting smaller studios, and this strategy would further solidify its reputation as a platform that champions indie games.

Sony Should Do More First Day Releases On PS+

Indie Games

The PlayStation platform’s extensive user base provides indie developers with a powerful avenue for reaching a global audience. This exposure enhances brand visibility and leads to substantial financial gains, making it a pivotal opportunity for their growth and success.


In conclusion, Sony has a golden opportunity to better the PS Plus experience by embracing more first-day releases. This strategic move enhances the service’s value and supports its competitiveness against rivals like Xbox GamePass. By diversifying its game lineup, Sony can introduce players to new genres and undiscovered gems while attracting a broader subscriber base.

Sony Should Do More First Day Releases On PS+

PlayStation Plus, October logo.

This influx of subscribers boosts revenue and supports indie developers, strengthening Sony’s commitment to fostering diverse gaming experiences. Ultimately, prioritizing first-day releases on PlayStation aligns with the evolving gaming landscape and ensures that Sony remains at the forefront of the industry.

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