Gaming Regulations To Be Set In China

China’s new online gaming regulations set spending and playtime limits, aiming to curb excessive gaming and protect minors.

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Posted: December 27, 2023

China’s recent regulations are a bold move to regulate the online gaming industry, addressing concerns over excessive play and in-game purchases. These measures, part of a broader effort to control digital consumption habits, especially among the youth, mark a significant shift in how the country manages this popular digital entertainment medium.

Initial Steps Against Excessive Gaming

In 2021, Beijing took initial steps to combat what it saw as problematic gaming behavior among minors. The government restricted gaming for users under 18 to one hour during weekends and holidays, a clear signal of its intent to reduce gaming addiction​.

Boys play a racing game in an arcade.

China is home to the biggest online game market in the world, with over 742 million people playing online.

Highlights of the New Online Gaming Regulations

  1. Restrictions on Time and Money: The centerpiece of the new regulations is setting limits on the time and money that can be spent on gaming, aiming to curb excessive indulgence​​​.
  2. No Rewards for Constant Play: The new rules prohibit video game companies from offering incentives that encourage players to log in daily or spend extra money, a common feature in many online games​.
  3. Server and Content Regulations: All video game servers and equipment must be hosted within China, and games are required to adhere to strict content guidelines, ensuring they align with national security and state secrets​.
An employee stands in front of the Tencent store.

Tencent, China’s biggest video game and online gaming company has already taken a hit.

Impact on the Gaming Industry

The announcement had immediate repercussions on major video game companies. Tencent, a global leader in the video game sector, saw a sharp 12 percent drop in its share price, reflecting the market’s response to these regulatory changes​​​.

Looking Forward

These regulations are part of China’s larger scheme to exert control over its technology sector. This approach has led to significant reductions in the market value of various tech companies, echoing China’s determination to regulate digital platforms more stringently​.

The global video game industry is closely watching these developments, as China’s position as a leading market in gaming means these changes could have far-reaching implications. With public feedback on the new rules open until January 22, there’s potential for adjustments before they are finalized​​​.

As China reshapes its approach to online gaming, these moves offer insights into the evolving landscape of digital entertainment and the balance between consumer freedom and regulatory oversight.

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