Attack On Titan, A Masterpiece Anime Has Officially Ended

After ten years of airing, Attack On Titan has officially ended with its last episode of runtime of 1 hr…

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Posted: November 18, 2023

After ten years of airing, Attack On Titan has officially ended with its last episode of runtime of 1 hr 25 min, released on Nov 4th, 2023, at 5 pm PT. The emotions and thrill this episode carried can’t be expressed. Seeing how this cinematic masterpiece ended was a massive trauma for fans. Hajime Isayama has succeeded in delivering this G.O.A.T. anime to the fans. Everything was perfect down to the last detail in the storywriting, plot, characters, emotions and adventure. An era has ended.

Eren's final moments - The end of rumbling - Attack on titan

Eren’s final moments – The end of rumbling – Attack on titan

Episode Summary

Part 3 of the 4th season of Attack on Titan consists of 6 chapters. The first half covers the first three, and the second/final part covers the other three. Each piece had a different continuation. The episode covered five chapters ( 135 – 139 ) from the manga. Here’s the summary of every chapter from the final episode.

Chapter 3: In The Depths Of Despair

The story picks up from the aftermath of change Zoe’s death, where the survivors, Jean, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Onyankopon, Reiner, and Pieck, take off to stop the rumbling. The Marleyans are shocked as they see the ‘Island devils’ coming to help them. Armin plans to shift into the Colossus Titan but is kidnapped by one of the former titan shifters formed by the founder ymir. The whole squad find themselves struggling and in a losing position where Annie, Falco in his Titan form and Gabi come to rescue them.

On the other hand, Eldians approach Marley soldiers, asking them to join forces, but they refuse and restrain them. Armin’s squad tries again to advance where Pieck has her plans. She plans to blow the whole nape of Founding Titan and kill Eren; later, she’s also stopped. They find out the titan that kidnapped Armin and try to get him back. Armin, who has lost consciousness, finds himself in the Paths, where the founder, Ymir, resides.

Chapter 4: Long Dream

Armin finds Zeke building something from the sand. he sits before him. Zeke explains how life started and how Ymir attained a legendary power. He further explains why Ymir sided with Eren. Zeke sounds like he has lost all hope to get out of here or to live, but Armin stands up, saying he hasn’t given up and will save people from rumbling. Armin explains to Zeke that to live doesn’t always mean to die eventually; the moments which you felt precious were the reason for your life. Zeke understands what Armin is trying to say.

On the other hand, Armin’s squad is in critical condition; Jean, Pieck, Annie and the rest are struggling. Suddenly, Bertolt and their other titan shifter friends start to fight for them, too. Seeing this opportunity, Mikasa and the rest rescue Armin successfully. Zeke shows up to Levi and offers him his head, which Levi accepts quickly.

Aftermath :

The rumbling stops, but Eren doesn’t. Jean bombs the nape, but a centipede-like thing still tries to join with its head. Armin transforms into a colossal titan and blows up the founding titan’s bones. As soon as they try to celebrate their victory, Eren stands again and heads for the centipede. Mikasa and everyone realise that they must kill Eren to end everything. The centipede emits a smoke that turns everyone into titans. Ackermans. Pure titans and marleyans are not affected by the smoke. Levi orders Mikasa to stop Eren with everyone else.

What Mikasa always desired but was unable to obtain

What Mikasa constantly desired but was unable to obtain

Mikasa suddenly turns into a hut where she’s living with Eren, who wants to live the rest of his four years in peace and hiding with Mikasa. Eren asks her to forget him and throws the scarf after he dies. Turning Back in real life, she ties her scarf and finds out that Eren is in the mouth of Titan.

Final Chapter: Battle Of Heaven And Earth

Armin in his titan form, proceeds to attack Eren, and they both have a spectacular duel. Levi tries to make the path for Mikasa to enter the mouth. Mikasa enters the mouth and beheads Eren as he opens his eyes for the last time to see his love. She says that she will meet him later and kisses him.

A new scene shows Armin is with Eren, a memory from Eren. Eren explains his motives and that he made the scouts heroes of this world. He also explains that Ymir was loyal to King Fritz even after everything he did to her. Furthermore, he tells Armin that no matter what he does, he can’t change the outcomes for the future so he has to control everything from the start of the show. He has been responsible for every single thing up to now. Armin argues that it’s his fault, too, for putting the idea of an exciting world out of the walls into Eren’s head. Eren tells Armin that he will erase these memories of him and he will remember them when it is time. We find out this conversation occurred when Armin was with Annie on the ship.

Armin in Eren's made-up memory - Attack on Titan

Armin in Eren’s made-up memory – Attack on Titan

It returns to the scene where Armin sees Mikasa holding Eren’s head and tears up. Everyone else who had been transformed into Tian returned into human and remembered their memories of conversations with Eren, too. Soon after this, Connie and Jean see Sasha’s reflection while Levi sees his dead comrades and does his final ‘Shinzou Sasageyo’ as tears drop from his eyes.

Aftermath :

Marleyans ask Eldians for proof that they will turn into titans, for which Armin stands up and says that if they were t, they would have been transformed. They are the saviours of this world, and he is the one who killed Eren. Mikasa leaves to give Eren a proper burial.

Years pass, and a historical child has been born, too. Yeagerists rule the paradise under history. Levi lives his simple life. Mikasa sits beside Eren’s grave, where a bird comes and fixes her scarf. Mikasa says thank you and calls it Eren.

In the epilogue, years pass, Mikasa dies of old age, war starts, and everything is destroyed. A boy with a dog finds a tree similar to the one Ymir found. History always repeats itself.


Q: When did Attack on Titan officially end?

A: The Attack on Titan anime officially ended on April 3, 2023, with the release of the final episode of season 4, part 3.

Q: Was the ending of Attack on Titan good?

A: The ending of Attack on Titan was polarising, with some fans praising it for its thematic depth and others criticising it for its ambiguity. However, the ending has been generally accepted as a satisfying conclusion to the series.

Q: What are some of the things that made Attack on Titan so popular?

A: Attack on Titan is known for its dark, gritty atmosphere, complex characters, and mind-blowing plot twists. It is also praised for its stunning animation and unique action, horror, and mystery blend.

Q: What are some of the criticisms of Attack on Titan?

A: Some critics have argued that Attack on Titan is too violent and gory, and its characters are underdeveloped. Others have criticised the ending of the series, feeling rushed and unsatisfying.

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