Risk Of Rain Returns Has Revamped Its Soundtrack, And It’s Never Been Better

With the release of Risk Of Rain Returns and the reimagining of the original Risk Of Rain, which came over…

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Posted: November 17, 2023

With the release of Risk Of Rain Returns and the reimagining of the original Risk Of Rain, which came over ten years ago, RORR has had many from its predecessor regarding its gameplay, survivors, stages, and, most surprisingly, its music. Risk Of Rain titles have been known extensively for their ‘synth-centric‘ soundtracks that captivate the players into their many unique stages almost immediately. Some of these tracks are slower-paced, reeling the players in, while some of them revel in pure chaos a survivor may experience on Petrichor V.

The creator of these tracks, Chris Christodoulou, has been tied with the franchise for quite some time; this has pushed him to create some really blissful and atmospheric tracks for Risk Of Rain 2 and Risk Of Rain Returns. For RORR, Chris actually remade the original soundtracks with some amazing changes that show how far the series has come and how much it still has to offer. On top of the remasters, there are some new original tracks as well, and like the remastered ones, these hit just as hard.

Most of the remastered tracks keep up with the same tone as seen in the previous iteration, but you can hear clear instances where tracks seem to be derived from segments from Risk Of Rain 2 as well, further tying down how much detail and effort went into creating these soundtracks. Chris had stated that he had been working side-by-side with the team with every step back when the game was originally announced and that motivation did not die down whatsoever.

The tracks themself also serve a greater purpose: the vibe of the stage. The most intriguing part about Risk Of Rain titles is the awe-striking levels and concepts, and the music accompanying them is able to lift that experience even more. It’s safe to say that the tracks for RORR achieve the same flawlessly.

As Chris keeps working forward with the newly announced DLC for Risk Of Rain 2, I, alongside many fans, cannot wait for more news and, more importantly, more music. It’s hard to believe that a sole creator such as Chris had his first experience in the gaming industry with the Risk Of Rain franchise, but with how talented and beautiful his work is, it may very well be his best.


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