5 Amazing Videos You Need To Watch On YouTube

A good video is as hard to find as winning a lottery, well not anymore. Here are 5 amazing videos you need to watch on YouTube.

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Posted: September 29, 2023

It’s not often that you stumble across a video on YouTube that is so good that even after the video ends, you sit there pondering what you have just watched. Luckily, for you, I have a few videos that might help you get through your food with ease.

Amazing Videos To Watch On YouTube

1. Sympathy for the Villain.

This random video made by EmpLemon that I found while I was directionlessly scrolling (scrolling downwards) on YouTube really changed my mind about villains. The way we once thought that the protagonist was the good guy and the antagonist was the bad guy, and now, we connect more deeply with villains than heroes and understand how they actually had a good reason to do what they’re doing. In this video, EmpLemon dissects the motives and reasons for some villains to become… well, villains.

For people who love cinema and love character depth, this video will keep you entertained easily and will make you think about the people we call evil.

2. Where Did These Images Come From?

Now, if you were a kid like me who had unsupervised internet access, you would have definitely wandered into some disturbing creepypasta images that added to your nightmare fuel. In this video, Chilling Scares discusses the origins of some of the most popular creepypasta images that have surfaced on our feed.

For people with curiosity and a hunger for creepypasta, this video will be a good investment, though wasting time is never a good investment.

3. Sleep is Just Death Being Shy

Yup, the name was enough for me to click this video on YouTube. And so will it be for most of the people who like a good intellectual stimulus. Now, exurb1a starts off with a scene from his past and then goes on to tell us how the world will end and how everything we do in life isn’t even worth anything due to the minuscule nature of it in contrast to the whole universe.

But, he then explains to us how accepting your cons of not being as big as the universe and just living in the moment can be quite worth it. Knowing the few people you have encountered in life and enjoying a cloudy weather can really make one realize that he is bigger than the universe. And we are, smaller than many things, yet to know we’re small, to be able to think, that’s what makes us greater than everything.

4. Marcus Aurelius: The Man Who Solved the Universe

And if there was one YouTube video I’d recommend every one of you watch, it would be this one. Horses beautifully explains to us the life of Marcus Aurelius, one of the five good emperors of Rome. Marcus, despite having limitless power and being able to do everything he ever wanted, still chose a life of virtue. A life of good rather than evil. His book, Meditations, was not even meant to be published, or even read by anyone else. His journal was used to create a book that is now one of the greatest publishes of all time. His life really was a life worth noting and acting upon.

5. Spooky Coincidences?

I don’t know about you guys but for me, there is no YouTuber greater than Vsauce. All of his videos are so compelling and informative that you return as a different person after watching one of them. This video is not too far off of any of his other ones either. In this video, Michael talks about coincidences. Spooky Coincidences. I don’t know what to explain about the video, you guys should just watch it and experience it for yourselves. After all, they are just Spooky Coincidences.

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