Furi Contains The Single Most Energetic Soundtrack Ever Conceived In Gaming

Out of hundreds of hype-inducing music, Furi absolutely destroys the competition with one of the best soundtracks in gaming.

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Posted: September 28, 2023

Out of hundreds of hype-inducing, raging, and energetic soundtracks ever created, Furi absolutely destroys the competition with some of the best soundtracks available on the market. Unlike the soundtracks of Doom or Ultrakill, Furi connects each track with the ‘jailer’ you’re fighting and the overall environment of the arena. One of these many jailers has a soundtrack so intense it’ll make any sweat with rage.

Make This Right is a track created for the 6th boss of the game. The boss in question is ironically named The Song and is the only jailer that offers a choice to the Stranger: stay and save the many lives below, or leave and slaughter everything. Well, if you’re listening to this insane beat, your choice may have been less than ideal.

The entire fight is somewhat different from other jailers. The Song forces you to take more ranged approaches at the beginning, warming up the ambiance, and in the middle of the fight, it turns into an all-out marathon of dodging, slicing, and shooting, all while this masterpiece of a track is blasting in the background.

One player actually shares his experience of how surprising and utterly blazing the song turned out to be. “My favorite boss fight out of the whole game, the music (which was also my favorite song in the entire game and now has a place in my iPod) the arena, the backdrop, the sense of scale during this fight was just amazing and seriously sent chills down my back.

Make This Right has all the important aspects of creating a memorable song, a great boss fight, a beautiful arena, huge stakes, and an unstoppable katana. Although there are other tracks that rival the intensity of this scene, Furi just has a way of connecting the player with its gameplay seamlessly through its relentless music.

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