What is Galaxy Ai?

Amidst the AI buzz dominated by giants like ChatGPT and Google Bard, Samsung’s raid into on-device processing power signifies a…

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Posted: January 30, 2024

Amidst the AI buzz dominated by giants like ChatGPT and Google Bard, Samsung’s raid into on-device processing power signifies a breakthrough, introducing a level of “universal intelligence” previously absent from the Galaxy experience. Unlike its counterparts, Galaxy AI is set to redefine the mobile landscape by delivering AI features directly through on-device processing, eliminating the need for a constant internet connection. This strategic move not only enhances user accessibility but positions Samsung at the forefront of autonomous, intelligent devices.

Galaxy AI is built on our innovation heritage and deep understanding of how people use their phones. We’re excited to see how our users around the world empower their everyday lives with Galaxy AI to open up new possibilities.” – Samsung press release.

Circle to search

Introducing Circle to Search, a game-changing feature that redefines your digital exploration. Whether captivated by a stunning photo on your favorite social network or seeking quick answers within applications, a simple circle using your S Pen or finger triggers instant Google Search results without leaving your current task. This innovative function not only streamlines online searches but also highlights the enhanced capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, especially when paired with the S Pen.

Live translate

Say goodbye to language barriers as you effortlessly navigate voice calls and messaging. Engage in conversations in your native language, and watch as Live Translate seamlessly transforms your words into the recipient’s language. Drawing inspiration from Google’s Pixel line, this feature brings a dynamic two-way translation experience to your fingertips. Whether you’re jet-setting on an international adventure or connecting with people from diverse linguistic backgrounds, Live Translate on the Galaxy S24 adds a touch of magic to global communication, making it your trusted companion for breaking down language barriers in style.

Note assist

It is your all-in-one tool for effortless note-taking. This feature offers automatic formatting, intelligent summarization, spell-checking, and real-time translation, all performed on your device without an internet connection. Imagine creating social media captions and translating messages in real-time across 13 languages, all at your fingertips. Say farewell to online dependencies and embrace a more efficient and personalized note-taking experience with Note Assist.

Photo assist

Easily resize, retouch, and make adjustments with intuitive AI-driven editing options. If something’s out of place, move it post-capture with wise object relocation. Samsung’s Generative Edit allows you to long-tap on subjects for quick adjustments. Plus, let Galaxy AI suggest tweaks, from contrast to highlights, ensuring every photo is picture-perfect. Unleash your creativity effortlessly with Photo Assist.

Chat Assist

Whether you want a professional tone, a friendly vibe, or politeness, Chat Assist has covered you. Go from “How do I say this?” to “Why didn’t I think of that?” in seconds. Chat Assist steps in effortlessly if you ever struggle with the right words, whether for a formal email or a casual chat. It pops up in text-based services like email, social media, or Messages, offering different tones to match your writing style seamlessly.

Instant slow-motion

Without initial slow-motion recording, this feature generates extra frames on the spot, effortlessly converting standard videos into captivating slow-motion moments. Turn any footage into share-worthy content, transforming regular-speed videos into mesmerizing slow-motion experiences by intelligently generating frames between recorded content. With Instant Slow-mo, capture every detail in a stunning, slowed-down perspective.


To sum up, the AI features in the new Galaxy S24 represent a significant advancement in smartphone tech. From a generative edit feature to the ability to circle info for quick Google searches, live translation, and a versatile chat assist, the S24 promises an intelligent and seamless user experience. Some features are device-specific, but Samsung plans to bring these advancements to older devices like the S23 series and Z Fold 5 before June. The Galaxy S24 is the go-to for the entire AI experience, shaping the future of smartphone technology.


What is Galaxy AI by Samsung?

Galaxy AI refers to Samsung’s initiative to leverage on-device processing power to deliver AI features and functionality. This allows users to use specific AI capabilities without needing an internet connection.

Is Galaxy AI secure?

Yes, Galaxy AI prioritizes data privacy and security. Since it operates locally on devices, there are fewer privacy concerns than cloud-based AI. Samsung ensures secure end-to-end hardware with continuous threat monitoring and protection. Users can also turn off Galaxy AI features through Advanced Intelligence settings if they have privacy concerns.

How is Galaxy AI different from Bixby?

Galaxy AI represents a new generation of on-device AI that powers features like real-time translation and image generation. In contrast, Bixby, Samsung’s existing virtual assistant, focuses on answering questions, controlling devices, and accessing information. While both coexist now, Galaxy AI appears positioned as Bixby’s replacement over time.

Is Galaxy AI free?

Galaxy AI features in the Galaxy S24 series are free until 2025, as Samsung announced during the first Galaxy Unpacked event in 2024.

Is AI new to Samsung?

No, Samsung has integrated AI into its smartphones for years, incorporating it into features like voice assistants, language translation apps, and photography tools. Bixby, Samsung’s voice-enabled helper, has undergone enhancements, such as Bixby Text Call, blending traditional calls with texting. Samsung’s consistent efforts highlight its commitment to leveraging AI in smartphones, setting the stage for introducing Galaxy AI.



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