How Reddit’s Mishandling of Moderators Led to Chaos

How Reddit’s Mishandling of Moderators Led to Chaos

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Posted: September 4, 2023

Reddits Great Mod Purge.

Reddit is one of the most significant Social media companies, and it has had its fair share of controversies throughout its existence, one recent being the great mod purge when Reddit decided to remove hundreds of mods from some of the most popular subreddits, including r/AskReddit, r/pics, and r/news. The company said the removals were necessary to address “substantive moderation issues” in these communities.

This decision sparked outrage among the mods and Reddit users. The moderators alleged they were removed because they criticized the administration’s platform handling.

In response, the moderators organized a protest by resigning en masse from their positions. Reddit experienced chaos and disruption, causing many affected subreddits to be left without moderators. Although the site’s administration eventually reinstated the original moderators, the damage had already been done. The Great Mod Purge had shaken the trust of many users on the platform, leading to a decline in Reddit’s popularity.

The After Math

Ever since the old moderators stepped down from their positions, people have lost their trust in Reddit for a few reasons, including concerns regarding the content quality. Here are just a few concerns that Reddit users had, causing them to lose trust in the site:

  • Increase in Spam and Trolling

One of the most pressing concerns that emerged after the Great Mod Purge was the surge in spam and trolling on Reddit. While these issues have plagued the platform for years, they escalated significantly post-purge. Users across various subreddits reported a noticeable uptick in unwanted content, making reporting and removing such posts more challenging.

  • Decline in the Quality of Moderation

Reddit’s decision to remove experienced moderators sparked a debate about the quality of moderation on the platform. Critics argue that the new moderators lack the experience and dedication of their predecessors, leading to a decline in content quality. The absence of seasoned volunteers has created a void that some believe is difficult to fill.

  • Decrease in Activity in Some Subreddits

Certain subreddits have experienced a noticeable decrease in activity following the Great Mod Purge. Multiple factors contribute to this decline, including the loss of experienced moderators and the amplified presence of spam and trolling. Users find it less appealing to engage in subreddits affected by these issues.

How is Reddit responding?

Reddit has clarified that they prioritize improving the quality of content on their platform. The company has taken affirmative steps to address raised concerns, such as appointing more moderators and providing them with more effective training. However, whether these measures alone will reverse the declining content quality remains uncertain.

What does the future hold for Reddit?

The Great Mod Purge has raised questions about the future of Reddit. The site has long been known for its high-quality content and its active and engaged community. However, the purge has damaged the site’s reputation and led to concerns about its future.

It is still too early to say whether Reddit will be able to recover from the Great Mod Purge. To remain one of the top social media platforms, the company must take action to address the concerns that have been raised.

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