OpenAI Was Working On A Model That Can Think On Its Own

November 25, 2023

According to reports, the new model Q* fueled safety worries, with employees voicing their concerns to the board before CEO Sam Altman’s dismissal. Several employees threatened to leave the firm and work for Microsoft if Salt Altman was not restored.

Story Highlights:

  • OpenAI was developing an advanced AI system called Q* that raised employee safety concerns.
  • Some employees wrote to the board of directors expressing concerns that Q* could threaten humanity.
  • The rapid development of Q* alarmed safety researchers who fear that AI is advancing too quickly.

Before Sam Altman was fired, OpenAI was purportedly working on an advanced system that was so strong that it raised safety concerns among its employees.

Some OpenAI experts were so concerned about the artificial intelligence model that they wrote to the board of directors before Altman’s resignation, saying that it may endanger humanity.

According to the tech news site The Information, the model, named Q* – and pronounced “Q-Star” – could handle simple math problems it had never encountered before. However, the system’s rapid progress has frightened some safety researchers. The capacity to answer mathematical issues would be considered a significant advancement in AI.

The claims came after days of drama at San Francisco-based OpenAI, whose board fired Altman last Friday but restored him on Tuesday night after virtually all of the company’s 750 employees threatened to depart if he wasn’t returned. Microsoft, OpenAI’s largest investor, also backed Altman.

Many experts are concerned that firms like OpenAI are moving too quickly toward building artificial general intelligence (AGI), a system that can execute a wide range of activities at human or above human cognitive levels – which may, in principle, elude human supervision.

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