Netflix’s One Piece Managed to Break The Loop of Bad Adaptions

Netflix’s One Piece Managed to Break The Loop of Bad Adaptions

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Posted: September 9, 2023

The new live-action of One Piece went way better than how it was expected to go. Due to the harsh reality of anime adaptations, it was believed that it might not go as well as planned. Once we learned that the boats in the show were actually built ground up and weren’t CGI, we had a little more hope of it being better than the rest.

But being better than most of the greater known shows, this was never a thought. It’s like a limit; you know you can’t score higher than a hundred on a test, but anime adaptations couldn’t score higher than a sixty instead of a hundred. One Piece must have cheated the system because, boy, did it break the barrier and score even higher than other great shows

Secret behind Netflix’s One Piece’s Success

Most live-action anime don’t actually look into how to make the adaptation better. Instead, they try to make it as accurate to the anime as possible. This is obviously what it should be, but there’s just one thing that’s unaccounted for; the quality of their product.

You can’t really convert a 2D animation into a 3D real-life show and expect everything to be the same. One example of this is the hair color of characters and their weird hairstyles. This makes the humans we see daily look pretty weird and cringe-worthy. One Piece live-action accounted for this and gave them a… less weird-looking hairstyle.

Another thing One Piece Live-Action covered pretty well was the show’s pacing. Converting dozens of episodes into a solid eight episodes full of action made it a grasping and compelling show full of fun. At least we can watch eight episodes in 2023. Watching 60 is definitely not for Gen Z (let alone 1075).

Netflix's One Piece

Netflix’s One Piece

Anime usually gives a character a specific sound or word that they say pretty often. For example, Naruto says, “Dattebayo!”. It’s pretty standard in anime, but in reality, no one says that unless they’re an Otaku. In One Piece Live-Action, fortunately, they spared us the cringe and didn’t give the characters a weird laugh or catchword.

All in all, some people really hated it, not going to reveal them (Attack On Titan Fandom). I thought it was pretty amazing, and so did Penguinz0, so that’s all the opinions you need to know that One Piece live-action is definitely a worthy show to waste 8 hours on (jk, its worth it).

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