AI Drake Song could win a Grammy

AI Drake Song could win a Grammy

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Posted: September 8, 2023

You may have heard about the AI-generated song that sounded like Drake. News just came to us, and we bring it to you that the song could win a Grammy. This news has sparked a debate about the future of music and the role of AI in the creative process.

The song “Heart on My Sleeve,” was created by an anonymous producer named “Ghostwriter.” It features AI-generated vocals that are indistinguishable from Drake’s voice.

This song went viral earlier this year and has gotten over 10 million views on YouTube. Even the Critics have praised it for its catchy melody and clever lyrics, So can you see the potential AI has?

The Recording Academy, which organizes the Grammy Awards, updated its guidelines in 2023 to allow songs with AI elements to be considered for awards. However, the Recording Academy has since clarified that the AI Drake song is not eligible for a Grammy because it does not meet the requirement that the song be “predominantly performed by humans.”

  • Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. said “Heart on My Sleeve” is “absolutely eligible” for February’s Grammys because its lyrics are human-penned.
  • The catch: Nominated songs must be commercially available in stores, online, or via streaming services, so the AI track could be disqualified for lack of retail distribution.

Ghostwriter, the song’s creator, says that he is disappointed that the music is not eligible for a Grammy, but he understands the decision. He has also mentioned to us that he plans to release more AI-generated songs, which is indeed good news as you and I can get to see the potential of AI in the music industry.

The debate about the future of music and the role of AI in the creative process should catch your and everyone else’s attention who loves music. Some of us are saying that AI will eventually replace us human musicians with Robots, while others believe that AI will be a tool we humans can use to create new and innovative music. Only time will tell us how AI affects the music industry, So hold onto your hats and watch the future unfold.

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