This Player Did The Most ‘Skyrim’ Thing In Starfield

This Player Did The Most ‘Skyrim’ Thing In Starfield

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Posted: September 15, 2023

In a game where humanity has ascended technological feats time and time again, conquered solar systems, and created entire functions factions, you would think they would pay more attention to their immediate surrounding. But this player, The Beard Guys, found one of the funniest ways to steal and scam NPCs in Starfield, and it takes no more than a basket and pure, unrivaled determination.

If this isn’t a replication of how I played through Skyrim and Fallout, I don’t know what is. ‘Mechanics’ like these are what make the Bethesda formula so special and so much fun to dabble around in; it is genuinely fun to mess around with and experiment with the limits of the engine and everything that makes Starfield.

The creator also gave the entire step-by-step process on how to achieve this as well,

Where is this? The Red Mile, Porrima system, Porrima III. How do you do it? Hold A on controller or E on PC. You CANNOT pick up red marked “owned” items. Where’s the basket? Upstairs in the corridor How much did you make? Just under 5k credits. Was it worth all the effort? ALL DAY BABY

With the current reception of Starfield being on both extremes due to mechanics and features like these, it all depends on the player and how they want to interact with the galaxy surrounding them. As the game continues to bloom, I’m sure we’ll see more unique and interesting ways for the players to understand the minute details of the game and to make more humorous videos like these.

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