New VR Headset By Meta To Challenge Apple’s Vision Pro?

New VR Headset By Meta To Challenge Apple’s Vision Pro?

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Posted: September 6, 2023

It has been going around that Meta has started the development of a new VR Headset with the collaboration of LG. This new VR headset is a cheaper version of Apple’s Vision Pro. It is said that the name of this headset would be Quest Pro 4. The new successor of Meta’s Quest Pro. Meta will likely release this headset in the early 2024 or 2025. Meta wants to see how people take to augmented reality.

How Is The New Quest Pro Going To Affect The VR Market?

The Quest Pro 4 is expected to be a high-end VR headset. I think Quest Pro 4 might be able to make a massive impact on the market; allow me to elaborate. As more manufacturers compete with one another, We know it is likely to result in the reduction of the prices of headsets. This would allow more businesses and consumers to get their hands on VR technology.

The approximate price for this VR headset is 2000$. Meta has launched a few different headsets in the past, all of which are cheap, but the new Quest Pro 4 is going to be much more expensive than the previous headsets from Meta. Meta is going to compete with the Apple Vision Pro Headset, which is at $3,499.

Possible Key Features Of The VR Headset Quest Pro 4

The Meta Quest Pro 4 is the most advanced VR headset yet. Here are just a few of the things that might be included in The Quest Pro 4:

A VR Headset by Meta

Quest Pro Headset

  • High-resolution displays: The Quest Pro 4 has two 1920×2160 resolution displays. This enables the headset to have amazing graphics quality.
  • Advanced eye tracking: The Quest Pro 4 uses advanced eye tracking to track your gaze. That is to say; it tracks your eye movement better. This particular feature proves to be quite handy when navigating through a setting or moving the cursor.
  • Passthrough+: Introducing Passthrough+, an addition that enables you to view the environment around you using the cameras on your VR headset even while immersed in the virtual world. To clarify, we can see the real world around us while using VR.
  • 120Hz refresh rate: The Quest Pro 4 has a 120Hz refresh rate, meaning the images are displayed 120 times per second. As a result, it has much better visuals that are very smooth.
  • Haptic feedback: The Quest Pro 4 has haptic feedback, which means that it can vibrate to simulate different sensations, such as the feeling of the impact of a punch. This can make the VR experience much more realistic; It can improve the realism of VR.

Augmented Reality In The VR Headset Quest Pro 4?

In addition to all this, Quest Pro 4 also has the capability of augmented reality. The passthrough mode allows you to see the real world through the headset’s cameras. Passthrough mode can be used to overlay virtual objects in the real world. However, the AR capabilities of the Quest Pro 4 are limited compared to dedicated AR headsets, for example, the Microsoft HoloLens.

Here are some of the limitations of the Quest Pro 4’s AR capabilities:

  1. The passthrough mode allows us to see the surroundings while in VR however it is not as clear or detailed as the VR mode.
  2. The virtual objects that can be overlaid in the real world are limited in size and have limited detail/complexity.
  3. The Quest Pro 4 does not have the same level of tracking and gesture recognition as dedicated AR headsets.

At Last I Would Conclude

I would like to say that overall, the Meta Quest Pro 4 is a powerful VR headset with some limited AR capabilities. Quest Pro should be a good choice for those who want both VR and AR in a single headset.

It can likely give Apple’s Vision Pro a good competition. We shall wait and see how this exciting battle between Headsets unfolds.

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