Meta Quest 3: Everything You Need To Know

Meta has recently announced its new VR headset, the Quest 3. They are going to launch it on 27 September…

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Posted: September 27, 2023

Meta has recently announced its new VR headset, the Quest 3. They are going to launch it on 27 September at Meta Connect. The initial price is set at $499. For more info, you can sign up on Meta

Key Takeaways

  • The Meta Quest 3 is expected to be released in the fall of 2023.
  • It will feature a new design that is 40% slimmer than the Quest 2.
  • It will be powered by a next-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon XR chip, which Meta says will
  • deliver twice the graphical performance of the Quest 2.
  • It will have a higher resolution display (2064×2208 per eye) and a faster refresh rate (120Hz).
  • It will also feature improved pass-through cameras and new Touch Plus controllers.
  • The Quest 3 is expected to be priced at $499.

Specs of Meta Quest 3

According to the rumors that have been circulating on the internet, Quest 3 is going to have the following specs:

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 (Gen 2)
RAM: 8GB or 12GB
Storage: 128GB (Confirmed) 512GB(Extended storage according to rumors)
Display: 2064 x 2208 pixels LCD for each eye
Refresh Rate: 120Hz
Weight: 509 grams
Battery life: up to 3 hours (Estimated)
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0
Backward compatible:
Full-color passthrough: 4MP 18 PPD



It is to be noted that only the 128GB of storage has been confirmed from Meta. In short, the base storage capacity of Quest 3 is 128GB; however, Meta also says “with an additional storage option for those who want more space.” It looks like there will be a model with more excellent storage. It could be 512GB or 256GB.


The other significant upgrade made official is the next-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. The new chipset is supposed to give double the graphic performance of Quest 2. Rumors suggest the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 (Gen 2) is the new chip.


When speaking about the display of Quest 3, no specs were made official by Meta. It isn’t clear to us what resolution the show would be. We expect a display resolution of 4,128 by 2,208 pixels or 2,064 by 2,208 pixels per eye. Likewise, there was no official news about the refresh rate for the LCD. However, a specs leak suggests that the base refresh rate would be 120Hz, which would be pushed up to 144Hz with post-launch updates.


Regarding the RAM, we aren’t sure if the Quest 3 would have 12GB or 8GB; whatever the case, it would be an upgrade over the 6GB RAM that the Quest 2 has.

Specs leaks and rumors also suggest that the battery would be improved over the Quest 2. If Meta wants to maintain the same battery life as Quest 2 in Quest 3, which has a much higher performance, they would need to improve the battery.

Design of Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3Meta Quest 3

Meta has given Quest 3 a makeover from the “inside out.” The headset looks similar to the Quest 2 but is 40% thinner, thanks to the new pancake lenses. It also has three eye-catching pill-shaped cameras/sensors on the front and a better head strap made of a flexible material.

The headset seems to have an extra button on the bottom, which might be for adjusting IPD. This would find the right fit for you more straightforward than Quest 2. The face shield also looks different and might block more light from the outside.

The Quest 3 has a mesh around the lenses, which might let you change the distance between them more easily. This could help you set the IPD for your eyes. There’s a rumor that this could be done automatically with a button. A leaked video of the Quest 3 shows how to use two buttons to change the depth of the face and lenses (source Mixed), so this rumor might be true.

But there’s some bad news for Quest 2 owners who want to upgrade. The Quest 3 has a different strap connector than the Quest 2 and a hole for the Quest 3’s USB-C port. That means the Quest 2 accessor attached to the strap won’t work with the Quest 3. It’s not surprising — but it is sad.

The Quest 3 looks like a sleeker and more comfy headset to wear for a long time.

New ControllersTruTouch haptics.

The Quest 3 also has a new controller called Touch Plus. Thanks to their better ergonomic design,gn, and TruTouch haptics, they are supposed to fit better in hands.

This could make the controllers feel more realistic, like the PSVR 2’s Sense controllers, which are exceptional and make the Sony VR headset one of the best VR headsets.

But the Touch Plus controllers have a significant downside: they still use AA batteries you must replace. However, they might get a wireless charger for the headset. A document shows that the Quest 3 headset and maybe the Touch Plus controllers could charge wirelessly on a dock like the Meta Quest Pro. We hope that the Quest 3 gets a fantastic upgrade.

Features in Quest 3

One cool thing about the Meta Quest 3 is its full-color Passthrough. This means you can see the natural world around you in color through the headset, not in black and white like the PSVR 2. Meta said that the Quest 3 could let you mix virtual and real worlds with machine learning and spatial understanding, “creating limitless possibilities to explore.”

But don’t expect any eye-tracking tech, which means no PSVR 2 foveated rendering that makes things look sharper where you’re looking and less detailed where you’re not to save the GPU power.

Another thing that might be new is the headset’s “Smart Guardian.” In a leak, some videos from the Meta Quest 3 show how to use a new guardian system to mark your room for obstacles. This is better than the old guardian feature in the Meta Quest 2 that lets you keep your space to ensure you don’t bump into anything.

With the Smart Guardian, the headset’s cameras on the front do the marking for you, not the Quest controller. In the leaked videos, the Quest 3’s cameras and depth sensor scan your room, mapping out everything to give you a safe space for VR fun and to ensure that VR things interact with real things in the room. Meta hasn’t confirmed this new feature, but if it’s true, it’s a significant improvement over the Quest 2.

Meta Quest 3 FAQ

Q: When is the Meta Quest 3 being released?

A: The Meta Quest 3 is expected to be released in the fall of 2023.

Q: How much will the Meta Quest 3 cost?

A: The price of the Meta Quest 3 has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be more expensive than the Meta Quest 2, which starts at $299.

Q: What are the new features of the Meta Quest 3?

A: The Meta Quest 3 is expected to feature a number of new features, including:

  • A more powerful processor for improved graphics and performance
  • A new display with higher resolution and refresh rate
  • New pncake lenses that are smaller and lighter than the lenses used in the Meta Quest 2
  • Improved eye-tracking and hand tracking
  • A new design that is more comfortable and stylish

Q: What games and apps will be available for the Meta Quest 3?

A: The Meta Quest 3 will be compatible with all existing Meta Quest 2 games and apps. In addition, Meta is also working on a number of new games and apps that will be exclusive to the Meta Quest 3.

Q: Do I need a PC to use the Meta Quest 3?

A: No, the Meta Quest 3 is a standalone VR headset, so you do not need a PC to use it. However, you can connect the Meta Quest 3 to a PC if you want to play PC-VR games or use VR apps that require a PC.

Q: What are the system requirements for the Meta Quest 3?

A: The system requirements for the Meta Quest 3 have not yet been announced, but they are expected to be similar to the system requirements for the Meta Quest 2. The Meta Quest 2 requires a PC with an Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X processor, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card, and 8GB of RAM.

Q: What accessories are available for the Meta Quest 3?

A: A number of accessories are available for the Meta Quest 2, including carrying cases, head straps, facial interfaces, and controllers. It is expected that these accessories will also be compatible with the Meta Quest 3.

Q: Where can I buy the Meta Quest 3?

A: The Meta Quest 3 will be available for purchase from the Meta website and a variety of retailers.

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