Kagura Bachi: Everything You Need To Know

Sorcery, Katanas, and Katanas dipped in Sorcery, here’s everything you need to know about Kagura Bachi. The Anime on the rise.

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Posted: September 23, 2023

Kagura Bachi, the new super-hit manga by Takeru Hokazono, has received outstanding reviews from fans. The manga made its debut on September 18, 2023. It’s been nominated for the Tezuka Award in Shounen Jump’s Next-Wave Initiative. The main genres of this over-heated manga include Action and Fantasy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kagura Bachi is a new manga about a 15-year-old boy named Chihiro who wants to be a swordsmith like his father.
  • Necromancers kill Chihiro’s father, and Chihiro vows revenge.
  • The power system in the manga is not clear yet, but it may involve katanas and sorcery.
  • The manga has been very popular since its release.


Since only one chapter has been released, the plot is not stated clearly, but the author has given a hint to the main story of this hyped manga.

Chihiro, the protagonist of Kagura Bachi, lives with his father, Kunishige, a skilled swordsmith who had an essential role in the country’s previous war. He forged numerous swords, which helped their soldiers to fight against the enemies and protect the nation. In his prime, Kunishige forged six demon swords in total. These demon swords are said to be one of the most excellent swords ever to be built.

The Son and father live normally, forging swords and honing their skills, while Chhiro desires to become a great sword-maker like his dad. Then, one day, a group of necromancers murdered his father, Kushinige, in the presence of Chihiro, who was lying unconscious. All of the six demon swords were stolen from the basement. With the last sword his father forged, Chihiro goes on to search for the demon swords and seek revenge on a mysterious organization named Yakuza. This criminal organization has been devouring the nation with its sorcerers.


Kagura Bachi - Chihiro being cool as always

Kagura Bachi – Chihiro acting cool as always


The main character is Chhiro, a 15-year-old boy (18-19 years old in the main storyline). Chihiro is a severe, ambitious kid with a strong mindset to become a great sword-maker like his father. He also knows cooking. Later in the chapter, his personality changes. He becomes dark and cold and quite resembles Ichigo Kurosaki.


The power system is not transparent, as only one chapter has been released. We’ve been given some hints as to what may be the true power system of Kagura Bachi. There is a high chance it’s Katanas, sorcery, and katanas dipped in sorcery, as they showed the six demon swords and stated that the katanas forged by Kushinige had some magical powers. They also showed Sorcerors with signs on their hands, which the writer may explain later in the manga, and also talked about Necromancers, which is still a huge mystery.


With the release of just one chapter, Kagura Bachi has surpassed Spy x Family and Black Clover on Shueisha’s MangaPlus Hot List, which features the top mangas read at that time of day. Kagura Bachi has already secured the 10th spot on that list and has made its place within some of the greatest mangas of all time (Dragon Ball, Boruto, My Hero Academia, etc.). With its increasing hype and popularity, it may challenge the Greatest Anime of all time, ‘The Big 3’.

Kagura Bachi - Chihiro

Kagura Bachi – Chihiro acting cool again


The manga starts with a joyful story, but it takes a massive turn later as we see Chhiro killing those Yakuza men brutally in one swing with blood all over his face and clothes, so we can expect the manga’s tone to be dark. The manga also talks about Criminal organizations and wars, and since this story takes place in nearly the 19th century, we may expect to see some Japanese war references here. Regarding introducing some new characters, we will surely see some new faces that will last longer than his dad did in the manga.


Q: What is Kagura Bachi?

A: Kagura Bachi is a new manga about a 15-year-old boy named Chihiro who wants to be a swordsmith like his father.

Q: What is the plot of Kagura Bachi?

A: Chihiro’s father is killed by necromancers, and Chihiro vows revenge. He sets out on a journey to learn how to become a swordsmith and defeat the necromancers.

Q: What is the power system in Kagura Bachi?

A: The power system in the manga is not clear yet, but it may involve katanas and sorcery.

Q: When was Kagura Bachi released?

A: Kagura Bachi was first released in Japan on March 4, 2023.

Q: Is Kagura Bachi popular?

A: Yes, it has been very popular since its release. It has been praised for its art, story, and characters.

Q: Where can I read Kagura Bachi?

A: Kagura Bachi is currently only available in Japanese. It was published by Shueisha and serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Q: Will Kagura Bachi be released in English?

A: There is no official announcement yet, but it will likely be released in English at some point.

Q: Do you have any other questions about Kagura Bachi?

A: Please leave a comment below, and I will do my best to answer your question.

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