iPhone 15 Pro Released by Apple: The Best Gaming Mobile

iPhone 15 Pro Released by Apple: The Best Gaming Mobile

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Posted: September 13, 2023

iPhone 15 Pro has just been released and it has some huge performance buffs. This type of performance is sure to run any mobile video game smoothly.
Here are the specifications of the new iPhone 15 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro’s Brand New Chipset

The Pro version of iPhone 15 has a new chip called the A17 Pro
Here are some of its features.

  • 6-core Pro-Class GPU that gives 20% more performance
  • A 6-core CPU that has 2 high-performance cores and 4 high-efficiency cores. CPU is faster than the one in A16 Bionic.
  • Ray Tracing
  • Dedicated engines for various different tasks

This chipset would you the best mobile gaming experience.


iPhone 15

The Pro version has 3 cameras. The main camera is a 48MP camera.
Here are more features of the cameras

  • 12MP 5x Telephoto Camera 120 mm focal length
  • 12MP Ultra Wide Camera, 13 mm focal length
  • Camera lenses Macro, 13 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm, 35mm, 48 mm, and 120mm
  • Spatial Video feature that allows you to capture interactive video that can be viewed with the Apple Vision Pro.
  • Amazing Portrait Photography with Super high-resolution
  • Great stability when recording or taking photos, up to 10,000 micro adjustments per second
  • 4k 60 ProRes Video
  • Ability to zoom in and out while recording a video, useful for taking cinematic shots
  • Better night mode for taking pictures at night time

Design and Display

iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Pro has a Titanium Body which gives you much better durability and makes the phone feel light and comfortable while holding.
The classic ring/switch button was replaced with a new button which can be customized. They named it “Action Button”.
Here is more about the Design and Display

  • Titanium Body with a refined brush texture, Lightweight and durable
  • Action Button
  • USB type C Port with USB 3
  • 2 sizes 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches
  • Ceramic shield display screen
  • 120 Hz Screen
  • Pro Motion
  • Dynamic Island
  • 4 colors Black, white, blue, and natural titanium

iPhone 15 ProiPhone 15 Pro

Other Features in iPhone 15 Pro

StandBy and Always-on Display

  • You can tilt your phone sideways when connecting to MagSafe and use the Always-on Display to display a clock or any other widgets of your choice.
iPhone 15



  • A feature that allows you to share contact information by bringing your phones closer and sharing information wirelessly.
iPhone 15


Ability to connect to gamepads and play console games

  • iPhone 15 Pro is able to connect with the latest gamepads and thanks to the A17 Pro chipset it can run console games like Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Village, Death Stranding, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

iPhone 15

Extreme gaming capabilities of iPhone 15 Pro

  • Thanks to the A17 Pro chipset iPhone 15 Pro is the only phone that can run high-end games with ease.
    The A17 Pro chipset has hardware-based ray tracing and is able to increase the graphics quality and FPS of any high-end video game drasticallyWithout Ray TracingRay TracingRay Tracing effect on FPS

You can order it here

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