Friends Ranks 4th In Most-Streamed Title On Nielsen’s Weekly After Matthew Perry’s Death

December 1, 2023
Friends cast

“Friends” was ranked as the fourth-most-streamed title of the week on Nielsen’s Weekly after Matthew Perry’s unfortunate demise.

Matthew Perry’s unexpected passing on 28 October caused audiences to revisit his most well-renowned role, Chandler Bing. The popular sitcom “Friends” gained 860 million minutes watched between 30 October and 5 November. This is a significant 48% increase from the previous viewing week, which ended a day after his death.


Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Anniston and Courteney Cox for Friends

Nielsen further reports that about 67% of the viewers during this period are under the age of 35. This highlights the show’s longevity as these people were not even born when the show initially premiered in 1994.

Moreover, Friends has consistently been a top performer for Max. According to Nielsen, its previous highest viewership was 737 million minutes, the week of 5 December 2022. Before moving to Warner Bros, it also did exceptionally well on Netflix, so much so that the platform paid $100 million to keep the show just one more year.

Another notable feature of Nielsen’s weekly list is that the show Suits fell from the top 2 places for the first time since airing in June. The long 19-week top reign is now coming to an eventual conclusion.

Grey’s Anatomy is the show to dethrone Suits from its 2nd position. The show has over a billion minutes viewed, achieving this accomplishment for the third time. Suits is available on both Netflix and Peacock.

Topping the charts was Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. The movie was made available on Netflix on Halloween and acquired 1.1 billion viewing minutes.

Bluey, the popular preschool animated series, unsurprisingly came in at 5th, with 774 million viewing minutes. Bluey is an ordinary Nielsen charting show. Gilmore girls also continued to chart in the top 10, owing to the fall season.

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