Silent Night Review – A Dilemma To Watch

While scrawling YouTube, I saw a movie trailer named “Silent Night,” directed by the legendary director “John Woo.” After watching…

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Posted: December 24, 2023

While scrawling YouTube, I saw a movie trailer named “Silent Night,” directed by the legendary director “John Woo.” After watching a well-drafted trailer, I was forced to see the movie; however, when I had the honor of watching it, I was shocked and rather utterly fooled by what I was watching. I considered watching this movie as a total time waster.

To start with, I was unable to understand how one can make a movie in which none of the characters spoke a single word during the complete duration of the film (that’s amazing). Before commenting further on the film, I would like to give a very brief plot of the movie so that the readers can understand why I am saying this.

First trailer for John Woo's new action movie Silent Night is bloody festive | GamesRadar+

Silent Night Review

The Plot

One Christmas evening, a man (Brian Godlock) witnesses the death of his young son when the boy gets caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting in the middle of a gang or war, and the boy gets killed. Brian immediately tries to catch the killer. In the process, the killer shoots Brian in the neck and leaves him for dead. Somehow, Brian sustained damage to his vocal cords. Brain and his wife grieve over the death of their son. Later, Brain focused only on pursuing revenge for his son.


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In my opinion, Silent Night is complete garbage. The description of the movie attracts the viewer which says, “son killed by stray bullets in a gang shoot out, and the father goes and kills all the gang members out of revenge,” as well as the movie director, John Woo. I was super anxious to see the movie; however, when I saw it, I was disappointed.

The that motivated me to see the movie was the YouTube trailer and the name of John, Woo, director of various blockbuster movies, including Mission Impossible. However, I was disappointed after watching it; the film was poorly directed, had a poor and very simple storyline, poor acting by the lead actors, and a strange, unnatural ending.

The best part of the movie was that it was completely silent, with some gangstar music in the background. Half of Silent Night was about a father mourning sponsons death. A time comes when one gets completely bored. Some of the scenes were emotional; needless to say, emotions do not speak. To further complicate the situation, the acting was very poor.

Moreover, while watching the movie, one forgets that it is an action movie? or a film about a father’s grief about losing his son, and sorry to say that at ultimately being either.

The connections between the characters in the film are also missing. I was bored most of my mind; almost fifty percent of the movie was about grief, and all the acting was in the final few minutes. Action scenes of the film also barely make any sense; gangsters carry loads of guns and senselessly shoot everywhere.

Silent Night Review: John Woo's (Mostly) Dialogue-Free Action Flick Is Like One Long Training Montage

Summing Up

Save yourself time and money, go to a restaurant and eat something good, read the movie reviews, and there you go.

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[…] Silent Night Review – A Dilemma To Watch […]


[…] Silent Night Review- A Dilemma To Watch […]