The Real Reason For Marvel’s Bad CGI

The Real Reason For Marvel’s Bad CGI

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Posted: September 15, 2023

We have all seen the glory days of Marvel. The days when you were actually hyped up to go to the cinema and be blown away by all the explosions and greatly made action sequences. Sadly, those days have been long gone ever since Thanos snapped his fingers.

The CGI of Marvel movies was really something else. Every scene felt so real and radical due to the sheer amount of CGI put in them. Even though more CGI is placed in the later movies, it just seems to get worse and worse as new movies are released.

Some people might think that it is because CGI takes time and skill to make, and they might be correct to some extent, but wouldn’t Marvel want to show its viewers quality content? to be straightforward, no. Every time a new movie is released, Marvel just makes it more clear to us that they would prefer quantity over quality. And it might be a good strategy for them too.

Marvel’s Bad CGI Exposed

Thor: Love And Thunder - the worst CGI (but fixed by Marvel)

Thor: Love And Thunder – the worst CGI (but fixed by Marvel)

Playing Moves

Get this: If you’re playing a videogame and you reach the last mission, you wouldn’t want to just leave it there, right? no matter how bad the game was, you will go that little distance, too because you put up with all that happened before that mission

You see, Marvel really plays its moves pretty cleverly. Knowing how much influence it has over the industry, it knows that whatever happens, the audience is way too deep into the franchise that they are going to watch its content no matter how bad it looks or gets. And to be solemn, I am a pretty above-average Marvel fan, and I agree with this because I myself watch the bad CGI movies just because I’ve been through the previous 3 parts of it.

We have all fallen into this trap without even knowing it, Marvel itself might’ve not known about this, but I’m sure that some guy in the building had this idea and ruined everything for us.

The Phases

Marvel must’ve felt bad for giving us bad CGI movies because that’s why they thought that giving us three to four bad CGI movies instead of a single well-made and absolute peak one a year would make up for the pain they brought upon us. Marvel now focuses on making more movies in a year so that they can milk us more and end up in a profit.

Phase five consists of 14 projects which will be released in a span of 1 and a half years. This is enough evidence to know that Marvel doesn’t care about good projects. But I mean, 14 projects in a year is pretty better as compared to 5 to 6 projects.

Now it is up to us to decide if we should choose quantity or quality. Whatever we choose, it has its downsides. In my opinion, we should choose the option that will make Marvel stand up to its reputation once again.

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