Ps Plus Should Focus On Providing Complete Game Experiences, Rather Than New Ones.

As PlayStation Plus sees fewer subscribers, this article suggests a fix: focus on great, classic games. By choosing quality over quantity, it aims to bring back user trust and celebrate the best of gaming history for a fresh wave of excitement.

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Posted: January 18, 2024

PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) has become an important part of gaming experiences since its release on June 29, 2010. Ps Plus, in total has 47.4 Million subscribers! Charging around $18 per month. The Ps Plus offers various benefits, including access to free monthly games. It has evolved greatly since its release.

Ps Plus Should Focus On Serving Old Higher Quality Games.

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So, the question remains of where Sony went wrong with PS Plus.

Some argue it’s the lack of quality games or new games. And that is exactly what this article will explore. Should Ps Plus focus on serving old quality games, or should it try to adapt to newer games, which is currently not exactly going their way?

The Value of Old Higher-Quality Games

Older games have a timeless quality; they’re nostalgic, and most importantly, they’re good. It seems that many people these days haven’t caught on to the fact that older games often outshine newer ones.

This leads to a belief that the gaming industry is declining rather than an ascent. There are many good old games. Some old games that have stood the test of time (a lot of time, surprisingly) are games such as Minecraft, Resident Evil, Assassins’ Creed, Mario, Golden Eye, etc.

Ps Plus Should Focus On Serving Old Higher Quality Games.

Golden Eye 007

New games tend to suffer from rushed development. This new culture of rushed development has led games to have major bugs and initial issues that cause the users to quit before those bugs can be fixed.

But older games, although they have had bugs, were created with care and not rushed. Making the gameplay enjoyable. Also helps the games stand against the classic test of time. These games have proven their worth, something I’ll do soon as well haha- anyway.

Comparison Between Old Games and New Games.

Let’s take an old game, for example, and compare it to a newer one for a better understanding. The Oregon Trail, which is a text-based strategy video game, was developed by Don Rawitsch, Bill Heinemann, and Paul Dillenberger in 1971 and produced by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC).

How You Wound Up Playing 'The Oregon Trail' in Computer Class | Innovation| Smithsonian Magazine

This game is one of the base games that built the gaming world, so if you haven’t played it yet you definitely should.

Now back in the 1970s, the graphics weren’t as high-level as they are now. But the storyline and engagement of this game were through the roof. In this game, the players had the role of pioneers, going on a journey from Missouri to Oregon’s Willamette Valley in the 19th century.

The game-play lets you manage resources, and face randomized challenges such as weather, sickness, crossings etc.
This game is widely known for its educational value in teaching about the realities of the olden days and its contribution to the world of video games.

Let’s compare this beauty to a newer game. Cyberpunk.

Ps Plus Should Focus On Serving Old Higher Quality Games.

Cyberpunk 2077

Lord, I’ve mentioned Cyberpunk one too many times in my articles. I can just never fathom that cyberpunk was indeed a failure. The last thing I expected from CD Projekt Red was a bad game. In summary, it was rushed. Released too soon, with too many errors. The game was incomplete, and millions of users were disappointed. Along with bad gameplay, the storyline was not as intriguing as expected to be, either.

Ps Plus Should Focus On Serving Old Higher Quality Games.


Now, I’m not saying all new games are bad. We have received great games such as Elden Ring, Baldur’s Gate 3, and more. But it is commonly known that the gaming market is being oversaturated with games that just, aren’t up to the standard. A game that incorporates a good story, entertaining visuals, and good gameplay is hard to come across these days.

This sort of proves that older more polished games might just be better.

Hot take?

A hot take on this topic would be that games are not to be entertaining anymore, but to be addictive. They’re not passion projects, but cash grabs for companies. Companies who use the name of an old game, to come out with something new and somehow just bad. More on that in some other article though.

Quality over Quantity.

I think that leads us to the point where it’s important to discuss quality over quantity.

It’s noticeable that the current PS Plus model often focuses on quantity rather than quality. While the intention is good, wanting to provide a diverse range of games for the users, the harsh truth is that not all these releases live up to expectations. Some may disappoint, and some might not invoke a reaction that is bad for the company. If they keep giving the users bad games, of course, the users would rather shift to Xbox Game Pass.

Ps Plus Should Focus On Serving Old Higher Quality Games.

Xbox GamePass Games

Prioritizing older high-quality games allows Sony to be more thoughtful and careful with their releases. Ensuring that subscribers receive a consistent high-quality gaming experience. PS Plus has recently been making a lot of mistakes, and this can help gain the trust of the users back. Offering a carefully chosen gem every month rather than a random mixture of varying (possibly bad) quality games.


I know I mentioned this previously, but let’s go into some depth for people who say diversity is mandatory.

We all know gaming has evolved massively over the years. During this time diverse genres and styles came into existence. Older games often represent a variety of genres that have shaped the gaming world, although they may not be TOO diverse, the diversity very well exists contrary to what people think.

Preserving Gaming Heritage

Ps Plus Should Focus On Serving Old Higher Quality Games.

Old gamesGaming has been around for a while, and just like any other form of entertainment, it has a major cultural and historical background. Just like film and literature enthusiasts appreciate and preserve classic movies and books, gamers do the same by playing older games. Older games aren’t only there for nostalgia, these games individually represent pivotal moments in gaming history. The rapid development shows us the constant improvement we’ve made to our systems as well.

By having older higher quality games on PS Plus, Sony can help preserve gaming heritage. This not only honours the hard work of older game developers but allows future generations and new gamers to experience the beautiful classics. Not only that, but more gamers can play their favorite games that were taken down, or they can just visit these games for nostalgia and comfort.


In conclusion, the decline in PS Plus subscribers may be linked to the focus on quantity rather than quality in recent game releases. Everything I’ve previously mentioned, suggests that Sony should prioritize older, high-quality games to improve the overall gaming experience. By doing so, Sony can regain the trust of its users and provide consistent, enjoyable games each month.

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