Microsoft Wants To Acquire Nintendo

Recently Microsoft officials emails got leaked and these emails reveled a lot of thing including Microsoft interest in Acquiring Nintendo

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Posted: September 19, 2023

Xbox is one the biggest gaming companies, which has been making headlines for acquiring other game studios like Activision in an attempt to sell more of their consoles.

A leaked email from 2020 Xbox head Phil Spencer and Microsoft’s commercial chief marketing officer Takeshi Numoto revealed that Microsoft might be interested in acquiring Nintendo. Takeshi discussed this matter with Spencer, calling Nintendo “A prime asset” for the company.

Spencer said in the email that he has talked with Nintendo’s leadership team about future “tighter collaboration.” He also said that right now, Nintendo doesn’t have to make big deals like buyouts as the company is “sitting on a big pile of cash.”

He also added that former Microsoft executives have started to buy vast amounts of Nintendo shares. And they will buy more shares in the future to create more opportunities for Microsoft in the coming years.

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“Without that catalyst, I don’t see an angle to a near-term mutually agreeable merger of Nintendo and MS, and I don’t think a hostile action would be a good move, so we are playing the long game,” Spencer said.

Besides this email, a few other emails between Microsoft officials also got leaked online and have revealed a lot of new things about what the company has planned for the future, such as plans for a new controller, the next Xbox console, and a revamped Xbox Series X were all leaked.

Other than these leaks, there are also rumors about Microsoft showing interest in acquiring Valve, the company behind Steam.

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