Interstellar Review – Nolan’s Best Work

A review of Interstellar, a phenomenal movie about a NASA scientist leaving Earth, an emotional rollercoaster.

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Posted: October 16, 2023

Movie: Interstellar
Director: Christopher Nolan
Screen Time: 169 minutes
Release Date: October 26, 2014
Maturity Rating: 13+

Murphy’s law states that “Whatever can happen, will happen,” and it did precisely when Christopher Nolan, Hans Zimmer, and Hoyte van Hoytema joined intellects, creating arguably the most esteemed and distinguished piece of cinema in the Sci-fi world, “Interstellar”.

About the director:

Christopher Nolan, a renowned filmmaker of today’s world, not only directed this masterwork but also produced and co-wrote it with his brother, Jonathan Nolan.

Nolan is recognized for his metaphysical-themed projects such as Inception (2010) and Oppenheimer (2023). He dissects complex storylines and tackles bewildering concepts In a way that viewers are left questioning their reality. His storytelling is bewitching to the mind and opens doors for fresh perspectives.

Interstellar – Review

The movie revolves around Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), who previously was a skilled engineer for NASA, being forced to farm as the Earth is going into shambles, and work on technology has been put to a halt.

For Cooper, a man of science, farming is nowhere near as mentally stimulating as science; so what happens when his daughter, Murph Cooper (Mackenzie Foy) discovers that the bookshelf in her room is trying to communicate in binary?

Moreover, what does Cooper do on the realization that Earth can not be a home for humankind much longer?

Interstellar leads you to the place where science and emotions collide, the script is undoubtedly amazing, and its brilliance is supported by euphonious melodies courtesy of Hans Zimmer, exceptional cinematography, and the directional skills of Nolan.

The brilliant acting of Matthew McConaughey (Cooper), Anne Hathaway (Dr Brand), and Mackenzie Foy (Murph) brings all the characters to life. While watching this masterpiece, in less than 3 hours, you have gone on both an emotional rollercoaster and a journey to diverse planets.

Interstellar- McConaughey


Interstellar shows us a world that is unsought, a dystopian future troubled by blight and lack of oxygen as well as food. Earth is ceasing to exist with dust storms, and another concoction of catastrophes is also endangering the human species.

Murph and cooper

McConaughey and Foy for Interstellar

However, the viewers are barely tied down to Earth’s visuals. As the movie progresses, we take off with Cooper and the rest of the team to various planets and jump into the mystery of wormholes and blackholes. From floating in space to a flooded planet, every aspect is covered.


The authenticity of detail Nolan is known for is immaculately portrayed by Hoyte van Hoytema, the cinematographer in Interstellar. This movie was shot on 35mm film and IMAX 70mm.

Moreover, Hoytema used effective techniques, for instance, camera shaking in every emotionally intense scene.

Murph in cornfields - Interstellar

Jessica Chastain- Interstellar.

Throughout the movie, Nolan uses a cold palette to signify the gravity of every situation. While most people might have stumbled across the fact that for the notorious cornfield scene, Nathan Crowley planted 500 acres of corn, they might be unaware that the dust storm was also physically created using large fans and synthetic dust.


Somehow, through the complex storyline, the movie still manages to simultaneously present a heartfelt message. The love between Cooper and his children, more significantly Murph (Mackenzie Foy) transcends beyond measures such as dimensions, distance, and time.

However, love also acts as a dividing factor in the movie, with some characters agreeing with the aforementioned statement and some putting science before emotions.

Cooper landing on a planet - Interstellar

McConaughey- Interstellar

Whether you also agree or not, it is upon you; nevertheless, the emotional intensity of this movie cannot be denied; a father leaving his family to find a new home for mankind is bound to touch hearts.

Inaudible dialogue

A slight hurdle you might feel in understanding the plot is the muffled dialogue. On numerous occasions, the voices blend in with the background music.

In addition, Nolan made this choice knowingly; he describes this by saying it was an “adventurous and creative” decision and that the emotions and story are not always conveyed through dialogue.

Murph’s video - Interstellar

Jessica Chastain- Interstellar

While that may hold, with the perplexing plot, it can get tiresome. Thus, I would recommend a quiet room or subtitles for the best experience.


So, what makes Interstellar spectacular? In my opinion, more so than the riveting story, it is the acting, cinematography, soundtrack, and direction that lead this movie to the distinguished reputation it holds. The accurate science should also be applauded, and viewers can understand puzzling concepts in a way that does not feel mind-numbing.

This is a story about a man choosing between potentially saving the human species, or protecting the relationship with his children. A choice too cruel to make but an unparalleled experience that is far greater than just watching a movie for the audience.

Murph on hospital bed - Interstellar

Ellen Burstyn- Interstellar

Rating: 9.5/10


  •  Immersive storyline
  •  Timeless
  •  Awe-inspiring cinematography
  •  Accurate science


  • Complex plot
  • Inaudible dialogues (might require subtitles)

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