Dear Child Dethrones Netflix’s One Piece

Dear Child came in silently and stormed the charts by rising to the top spot on No. 1

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Posted: September 17, 2023

Netflix’s One Piece truly is a great anime adaptation. Actually, it is The Greatest anime adaptation to be produced. Though It was thought that it would stay on top for a little while longer, sadly, the age of pirates came to an end as another German show rose to the top of the chart in just a matter of days. Its name? “Liebes Kind”, or in English, “Dear Child”.

“Dear Child” is a German Crime Thriller about a mysterious woman’s escape from her harrowing captivity. However, after a car accident, she is unable to tell the investigators what really happened, thus, her young daughter is tasked with revealing their past. Meanwhile, detectives must work out if her story is linked to a disappearance that happened 13 years earlier, as well as discovering who is telling the truth.

“Dear Child” is a six-part miniseries that has gained astounding claims from crime thriller enthusiasts and has overtaken Netflix’s One Piece and stood above as number one on Netflix. It’s the plot twists that make “Dear Child” really stand above the rest. Don’t believe me? Read what others have to say about the series.

X (Formerly Twitter) - @HeyImCoreyR

X (Formerly Twitter) – @HeyImCoreyR

“Guys, Watched #DearChild on Netflix last night—by far, one of the best binges I’ve had in years. True crime, psychological thriller, murder mystery all rolled up into 1 6-part miniseries. Very Josef Fritzl meets Room meets Gone Girl. Highly recommended it. Lmk what you think.”

X (Formerly Twitter) - @Boujee256

X (Formerly Twitter) – @Boujee256

I’ve been watching #DearChild, and it’s the best thing all week

X (Formerly Twitter) - @_gothamprince

X (Formerly Twitter) – @_gothamprince

This was a rollercoaster but so good!!! #DearChild

What do you think? Can you figure out what the truth is? Is a German show that was pretty unknown a few days ago actually worth the watch?

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I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.