Chris Evans quotes “It’s News To Me”, On The Rumored Avengers Film

Chris Evans responds to the recent talks on the rumors about the return of the original Avengers in an Avengers movie.

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Posted: November 28, 2023

Chris Evans, an American actor who’s famous for his role as Captain America in Marvel Cinematic Universe, has spoken on recent rumours about Marvel reuniting the original Avengers for a potential Avengers movie, saying no one has contacted him about reprising his role as Captain America. The actor confirmed that he’d only return to reprise his role if he thought it was good for the character.

Chris Evans as Captain America

Chris Evans as Captain America – via Fandomwire


Chris Evan’s Interviews

The View

In a recent interview at The View on Monday, Chris Evans said ”I always see those reports” and ”it’s news to me” on the rumours about his returning to his role as Captain America. He also confirmed that no one has approached or contacted him about bringing Captain America back yet, as the title has already been passed down to Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon.

Evans also stated that “every couple of months, someone says we’re getting Downey, Hemsworth, and Scarlet, and everyone’s coming back, but no one has spoken to me about it”. After this, he said his famous statement, “I will never say never,” when discussing the possibility of returning to his role with the hosts. Evans added, “I’m very protective. It’s a very precious role to me, so it would have to be just right”.


In an interview in September, Chris Evans once again said his statement, “Never say never”. Evans was happy portraying his role as a captain of America.” it was a wonderful experience,” said Evans, remarking on his role in MCU.” it’s something that I’m very proud of.”

The Last Man Standing - Chris Evans as Captain America

The Last Man Standing – Chris Evans as Captain America

How The Rumors Initiated

Earlier this month, Variety disclosed the topic of bringing the original Avengers in a potential Avengers movie is in progress. Scarlet Johansson as the Black Widow and Robert Downey as Ironman left the MCU screen. They both met their end in Avengers: endgame. Fans still want to see their stars on the screen one more time. Chris Evans, as Steve Rogers/Captain America, was a major character in the Avengers team, but he ended his career in the last Avengers movie, too, as he passed his title to Sam Wilson, portrayed by Anthony Mackie. Kevin Feige, however, denied every rumour.

Chris Evans Responds To Avengers Reunion Rumors

Chris Evans Responds To Avengers Reunion Rumors

Marvel’s Future (For Chris Evans)

An original Avengers movie with the original actors feels impossible for Marvel. Marvel has recently been low on budget and had worse CGI scenes. Its projects have been delayed too many times. We only have Deadpool 3 coming out in 2024.

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