Chordosis Is An Alien Inspired Horror Game Created By One Developer

September 17, 2023

With the abundant rise of Unreal Engine 5 and its out-of-this-world capabilities, smaller and smaller developer teams can easily create gorgeous environments and detailed areas. And with the dozens of titles already being revealed and released, it seems that the new generation of games will be immersive, if nothing else. From the plethora of games already being developed, the one out right now is an Alien-inspired title called Chordosis.

Spearheaded by AdamDubiGames, the sole creator and developer of Chordosis, the game has some terrifying sceneries and some amazing visuals; as for exact gameplay references, it seems to be more centered around moving from one environment to another, with hints of puzzles and enemy interactions in the mix.

The game is genuinely detailed, and every environment is brimming with that feeling of desolate hope. That there lurks danger no matter where you go. Although the story is definitely lacking, and the gameplay might feel like an abridged version of Half-Life at times, it still looks and plays like a solid experience.

The creator has some experience with previous Unreal Engine projects and a niche for the horror genre years before conceiving Chordosis as a whole. The game has been in development for a good few years, with all the development being solely from the creator himself.

DubiAdam also talked about his game and showcased more images on ArtStation, where he displayed some extremely high-quality concepts and in-game imagery and environments. Most of the players that have already played the game have also talked about it in good conscience, which shows that actual effort was put into the title.

The game can be found on the creator’s personal site and is currently on 70% sale as well. So, if you’re teeming to go against some extremely unsettling Alien lifeforms in a thrilling environment, this should satisfy your sweet tooth and then some more.

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