Breaking Bad: Is it really worth watching?

When I started watching Netflix, the only recommendation given to me by my son was to watch “BREAKING BAD,” in…

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Posted: December 16, 2023

When I started watching Netflix, the only recommendation given to me by my son was to watch “BREAKING BAD,” in which a chemistry teacher cooks drugs and uses drug money to pay his medical expenses. Well, after watching five seasons, I think the show is overrated. Following are the reasons why I claim this:-

Too Long a Season

A simple storyline and 5 Seasons resulted in getting extremely bored; for example, in Season 3 Episode 10 (Fly), the complete episode was dedicated to killing a fly in the drug cook house (for God’s sake, it’s not a Tom and Jerry cartoon, it a most acclaimed TV series). This is only one example; many episodes were only made to increase the length of the show.

Good Start; Imperfect Ending

After watching Season 1, the complete storyline is revealed to the viewer. A simple chemistry teacher turns into a drug cooker, consequently turning into an accidental killer, later turning into a regular killer, meanwhile being the greatest liar; this all is a normal storyline. I think the series writers had nothing important to write after season 1. The series had an imperfect ending mainly because the fate of the most important characters, which include Skyler White, Jessie Pinkman, and Saul Goodman, was not concluded.

Very Few Attention-grabbing Grabbing Moments

In all 5 Seasons of Breaking Bad, attention-grabbing moments were very few. I mean to say that the moments which force a viewer to watch the next episode.

Unrealistic Characters

The most unrealistic character was Skyler White; she, as a wife, was completely fooled by her husband for many years (lolz; unbelievable). Walter White himself, a chemistry teacher in season 1, turns into a gangster in season 5, while the plot of the series remains the same. Most of the characters in the show had zero depth in them and remained unimpressive.


Having said that, in my opinion, the show is not a total flop. Season 1 and a few last episodes of season 5 are good and hide the weaknesses of the show. Middle seasons were just a drag.

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I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.