Berserk Anime Is Getting A New Anime Adaptation By Fans

A new trailer for the Berserk anime’s ‘The Black Swordsman’ arc has been dropped by studio Eclypse. Fans are getting over-heated by this.

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Posted: October 11, 2023

One of the best-selling manga, Berserk, by Kentarou Miura, is finally getting the adaptation it deserves. Many fans have expressed disappointment that a faithful manga adaptation has yet to materialize, despite their eagerness for it to happen. Some of its versions, like the 1997 version, did their best but still couldn’t accurately show Guts suffering and legacy, but now fans have taken this into their own hands.

Key Takeaways:

  • Berserk fans are getting a new anime adaptation by fans, Studio Eclipse.
  • The adaptation will be in 2D and start with the Black Swordsman arc.
  • The release date is unknown, but the trailer shows promising animation.
  • Fans can expect a faithful manga adaptation with accurate portrayals of Guts’ suffering, legacy, and journey.

Origin Of This New Adaptation

Studio Eclypse, an animation studio created by fans, started working on a new adaptation of Berserk anime and released a trailer for its first arc, The Black Swordsman. Studio has avoided using CGI by using AI and professional artists as they want to do the manga justice because Miura spent many years creating this masterpiece. The adaptation would be entirely in 2D, utterly different from the past versions. The release date for this project remains unknown, causing fans to wait restlessly for its highly anticipated release.

Guts on his way for his new anime adaptation

Guts is on his way to his new anime adaptation

Description Of Trailer

The trailer was so brief that it only showed us two scenes, including Guts sleeping with Casca and Guts in war, which already satisfied the fans. We got a glimpse of Guts in war, the Behelit, which is a significant arc that would show us the suffering of Guts; they showed us a scene where Guts slept with Casca, which initiates the story in the manga.

Guts and Casca - Berserk

Guts and Casca – Berserk

What To Expect From This Adaptation

As the expectations are pretty high, fans want to see the anime correctly adapted from the manga. As I said earlier, the anime adaptation is entirely by fans, so we might expect to see the manga correctly adapted into a fine anime where we can see the real suffering, legacy, journey, and revenge of Guts. Guts’s entire journey makes this anime a masterpiece. Guts wants to find happiness, which has been impossible because of his cruel and messed-up world. Looking at the animation in the trailer, we might expect god-tier animation from the studio Eclypse. If the animation is good and suits the art style, the anime becomes attractive and fun to watch. The release date for the Berserk arc hasn’t been officially announced yet. However, if fans enjoy it, there’s a possibility that we’ll see more arc adaptations and, eventually, the entire Berserk story.


Q: Who is making the new Berserk anime adaptation?

A: The new Berserk anime adaptation is made by Studio Eclipse, a fan studio founded by manga artist and Berserk fan Mark Reymer.

Q: What part of the Berserk manga will the new anime adaptation cover?

A: Studio Eclipse has said they plan to start with the Black Swordsman arc and adapt the rest of the manga.

Q: When will the new Berserk anime adaptation be released?

A: Studio Eclipse has not yet announced a release date for the new anime adaptation.

Q: What will the animation style of the new Berserk anime adaptation be like?

A: Studio Eclipse has said they aim for a 2D animation style faithful to the original manga.

Q: How can I support the new Berserk anime adaptation?

A: Studio Eclipse has a Patreon page where fans can donate to help support the production of the anime.

Q: Is the new Berserk anime adaptation official?

A: No, the new Berserk anime adaptation is not official. It is a fan-made project.

Q: Will streaming services or distributors license the new Berserk anime adaptation?

A: Studio Eclipse has not yet announced licensing deals for the new anime adaptation.

Q: What are the chances of the new Berserk anime adaptation being shut down by the Berserk copyright holders?

A: The copyright holders of Berserk may either shut down or allow the new anime adaptation to continue, depending on how well fans receive it.

Q: What do you think of the new Berserk anime adaptation?

A: I am excited about the new Berserk anime adaptation. I think it is great that fans are taking it upon themselves to create a faithful adaptation of the manga, and I am looking forward to seeing what Studio Eclipse produces.


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