Callisto Protocol Seemingly Leaked For PS Plus Essential

Callisto Protocol Seemingly Leaked For PS Plus Essential

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Posted: September 26, 2023

PS Plus Essential games for October have been leaked. This leak, although by a famous leaker Billbil-kun, if accurate, offers subscribers a preview of two exciting titles they can anticipate in the coming month.

Dealabs user Billbil-kun is known in the PlayStation community for his consistent and accurate leaks. Since September 2021, Billbil-kun has been sharing the PlayStation Plus lineups ahead of official confirmations, and this month seems to be no exception.

Leaked PS Plus Games:

The Callisto Protocol:

First up on the list is The Callisto Protocol. The Callisto protocol is a Sci-fi survival horror game developed by Striking Distance Studios and published by KraftonGlen Schofield, director of the legendary Dead Space series, also directed Callisto Protocol.

The game’s story follows Jacob Lee, a starship captain who survives a crash landing on Jovian, the moon of Callisto. Only to be captured and incarcerated against his will in a high-security prison. He is subsequently forced to fight for survival when a mysterious illness sweeps the prison, and he gradually learns the dark secrets of his captors.

Farming Simulator 22:

The second game leaked is Farming Simulator 22. Farming Simulator 22 is the latest game in the farming simulator series and was released on November 22, 2021. It was developed and published by Giants Software. Its relaxing and strategic gameplay makes it a favorite among casual gamers.

Both titles, as per the leak, will be available for download from October 3 and will remain so until November 6. This gives subscribers a generous window to add these games to their digital libraries.

The October PS Plus Essential games will be officially unveiled at 4.30 pm BST UK time on the afternoon of September 27. PS Plus subscribers still have something to look forward to as the third game remains a mystery. Don’t forget to claim the September PS Plus essential games, as they will be leaving on October 3.

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