Giancarlo Esposito addresses possible Gustavo Fring Spin-Off

January 17, 2024
Giancarlo Esposito expresses desire for Gus Fring Spin-Off

Giancarlo Esposito, the man who is responsible for playing the intimidating and charismatic, Gus Fring on the TV Show Breaking Bad and its spin-off, Better Call Saul, said he wanted to pitch a spin-off show by the name of The Rise of Gus. The prequel would act as an even deeper look into the drug kingpin’s horrific past and his rise to power on the meth scene.

“I think eventually there should be, and there might be” a spinoff focused on Fring, Esposito said. “I have a lot of premises I like to push. If I was talking to Vince Gilligan right now, I would tell him, ‘The Rise of Gus.'”

After the end of Better Call Saul, Gilligan immediately moved on to a sci-fi TV Show for Apple. Esposito says that he understands that Vince Gilligan would be busy at the moment but would hope for a Gustavo Fring prequel in the future as he believes there is more of his story to be told.

Esposito claims that The Rise of Gus would be a very interesting series, as it would not only show how Gus rose through the ranks to power but also show us his family background and where he came from. The comments made by Giancarlo Esposito can be seen in the X(formerly Twitter) post below.

Vince Gilligan has previously stated that he is probably done with the Breaking Bad Universe after Better Call Saul but hasn’t definitively ruled out any future projects within the universe.

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, both proved to be one of the greatest shows of all time in their own right. Along with this, Gilligan released a Netflix sequel film to the original series in 2019 that fans were also immensely pleased to see. The Rise of Gus would have the potential to both ruin and enhance the Breaking Bad universe. However, at this point, we trust that whatever Gilligan will work on, is bound to be a masterpiece.

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