Film Independent Spirit Awards Interrupted By Chants From Palestine Protestor

The recent Spirit Awards were interrupted by a Free Palestine protester.

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Posted: February 26, 2024

The sobering reality of the current world affairs popped the cushy bubble that the 2024 Film Independent Spirit Awards took place in, as a Free Palestine protester’s voice echoed throughout the tent.

Western celebrities and Hollywood, in general, are notoriously known to dance around the world issues and stances that don’t fit the mainstream rhetoric, in this case specifically about the situation in Gaza, Palestine

This can be seen in the actions of most presenters and well-known performers present at the event.

Palestine Protester

The protester was a single man chanting through his megaphone: “Free Palestine! Ceasefire Now!“. 

Mainstream celebrities and filmmakers have historically used award shows to garner applause for their recognition of world affairs or critical issues. However, this award show would see presenters doing their best to avoid the uncomfortable truth being blasted in their ears.

Despite attempts to use a shuttle bus to block out the protester’s calls to the attention of the cruel reality unfolding in the world, his voice still managed to interrupt Jim Gaffigan as he attempted to talk over the chanting to present the Best Ensemble Cast(going to Jury Duty).

However, presenters such as Jimmy O. Yang found it in themselves to acknowledge the protester, crudely labeling him as a ‘heckler,’ stating that ‘as someone used to independent film-making, an individual yelling in his year “felt like home.”

As the protesters’ chanting continued, actress Aidy Bryant awkwardly tried to perform her bit, later remarking about the ‘forced fun’ they were all having: “We’re at the beach, and we’re exercising free speech.”

However, some presenters did manage to recognize the justification behind the protester’s chanting, with Babak Jalali, director of the award-winning Fremont, admitting that what the protestor was calling to attention was far more critical than anything he had to say and further admitted to not being able focus as he was captured “by what they’re saying.


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